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Thu, Apr 17, 2003 (14:28) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)

From their web page:

What is Bloki?

Bloki is a Web site on which you can create Web pages, right in your
browser, with no additional software required. Think of it as a word
processor for the Web. All of the pages on, including this one,
were built with Bloki.

You can share your Bloki pages with anyone you co-workers, friends,
family, the whole or keep them private for your own personal use.
Authorize other users to edit your pages, and Bloki becomes a tool for
communication and collaboration.

What is it good for?

With Bloki, you can collaborate on shared documents. Write a document and
have others mark it up with their comments, or collaborate with others on
the same document. You control who sees what and who gets to change your

You and people in your group can annotate Web pages with pop-up notes. To
the outside world the notes are invisible; only people in your "view
Notes" group can see, add, and update the notes.

You can use Bloki as a Web authoring tool. It's a simple way to create Web
pages on the fly without having to learn about uploads, FTP, WebDav, etc.

Signing up and logging in

Go to the signup page and sign up for a free account. Signing up provides
you with (1) your own Bloki home page at and (2) a
login you can use to access restricted Bloki pages.

For example, if you sign up as johndoe, your Bloki home page will be If your coworker signs up as janeroe, she can give you
access to by adding johndoe to a list of authorized


There are no plugins to download and install. The WYSIWYG editor requries
one of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 5.5 or later (available for Windows only) Mozilla 1.3 or
later (any platform) Other browsers work, but you'd have to code your HTML
manually. (We don't have anything against other browsers, they just don't
include the technologies the WYSIWYG editor is built on.)


User-friendly editor: works much like Microsoft Word and other
popular editors as regards formating, table insertion, and other features.
The editor is a modified version of htmlarea from the kind folks at

Browser-based: no plug-ins required.

create from scratch (blank page)
upload from your computer (for example, a Word document saved as HTML)
import from a Web site

Locks: while one person is editing a page, it is locked, ensuring that
other people can't make changes that would be overwriten.

Notes: add pop-up notes to hold comments that aren't part of the actual
page. Only people in your "view notes" group can see them; to others, they
are invisible.

Images: add from Web sites, your hard disk, or from a pool of images
previously uploaded to Bloki.

Access control: control who can see, edit, and administer your pages. Set
a page public and anyone can view it, even people who don't have Bloki
accounts. Set a page private and it's viewable only by those people you've
added to your "read" list.

Version history: when you save a Bloki page after revising it, the
previous version is preserved in the version history, and may be retrieved
at any time. The history also serves as a record of who made which changes

Layouts: predefined templates that give your Bloki pages a consistent look
and additional navigation tools.
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 Topic 88 of 109 [web]: bloki
 Response 1 of 5: Stacey Leigh  (stacey) * Wed, Apr 23, 2003 (21:28) * 1 lines 
neat. Have you tried it yet Paul?

 Topic 88 of 109 [web]: bloki
 Response 2 of 5: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Wed, Apr 23, 2003 (21:53) * 1 lines 
Yeah, I set up some experimental sites, one is at

 Topic 88 of 109 [web]: bloki
 Response 3 of 5: Stacey Leigh  (stacey) * Wed, Apr 23, 2003 (22:21) * 4 lines 
Very nice!
Did you format yourself or are you required to use a template? I just signed up and will play when I get confirmation!

BTW, I really like the abalone interface. But how come I can't access inner from there?

 Topic 88 of 109 [web]: bloki
 Response 4 of 5: Paul Terry Walhus (terry) * Fri, Apr 25, 2003 (09:20) * 1 lines 
I'm not sure, I'll look in to that. I'll ask Jan.

 Topic 88 of 109 [web]: bloki
 Response 5 of 5: User & (admin) * Thu, Feb 12, 2004 (13:43) * 1 lines 
Have you played, Stace?

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