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Topic 284 of 395: InContext WebAnalyzer

Sat, Aug 24, 1996 (03:34) | Forrest H. Stroud (buzz)

InContext WebAnalyzer

Quick Desc: A must-have web agent for serious webmasters and avid offline surfers

Version: 1.1
Size: 4420
Company: InContext Systems

WebAnalyzer isn't your normal web agent -- that much is apparent from the minute you begin using the client. As with other automated agents, WebAnalyzer will download entire web sites onto your local machine. The similarities with other clients of its kind end there. Perhaps this is because WebAnalyzer is geared more towards the serious web site developer rather than the avid offline web surfer. The real power of WebAnalyzer begins and ends with the webmaster -- entire sites can be analyzed, resultin
in comprehensive reports that detail broken links, file types and sizes, site structure, web links into and out of various pages, and more. The ability to reveal broken links is perhaps the strongest feature and definitely the most useful for those in charge of maintaining large web sites. By automatically scanning your pages to find links that have changed or been removed, WebAnalyzer can save you considerable time and effort. Once you've discovered that your site has a few more holes than expected,
ebAnalyzer allows you to quickly and easily patch them up. Launching your favorite HTML editor or web browser for correcting or reviewing broken-link pages is a simple right-mouse click away with WebAnalyzer.

While finding and fixing broken links may be WebAnalyzer's forté, its feature-set certainly doesn't end there. WebAnalyzer also presents you with three different views to guide you through the various aspects of your web site -- wavefront, link, and file views. The wavefront view presents your web site as concentric circles that surround your top-level front page. These circles represent the lower-level pages, images, and files that make up the crux of a web site. With this view, you can easily identi
y the hierarchy of your web site as well as the relationships between various pages and levels. The link view presents you with an individual page and the links both to and from that page. Out-links and in-links can be anything from mail addresses to other web pages to multimedia files. This view helps you visualize the relationships between an individual page and its various links. Finally, the file view presents a complete listing of all the pages, graphics, and similar links in your web site. Comp
ehensive information including page name, type, size, date last modified, out-links and in-links, and depth level is presented in an easily understandable report format. You can also sort your entire web site by any of the above topics. The file view presents your web site in its entirety, including broken links (in red) and all links into and outside of your web site.
WebAnalyzer has several tools that compensate for the fact that most web sites vary considerably in terms of size and structure. A depth level option allows you to choose how many levels of information an analysis will gather for your web site. You can also use this option to determine whether or not external links should be tested. Filters are another tool that can be applied to reduce or increase the amount of information presented for your site. You can create you own filters to show only files of
certain type or size. WebAnalyzer also has several default filters that you can use to show only pages with broken links, pages with multimedia content, or text-only pages. These useful tools can be applied before you begin your web analysis, thereby giving you the means to control the amount of information presented and the time it takes to gather that information. Overall, WebAnalyzer isn't the perfect web solution -- after all, it won't create HTML pages for you. But for those conscientious and ov
r-burdened webmasters out there who constantly strive to ensure that their sites are error-free, WebAnalyzer is the panacea you've been longing for.

Pros: Tons of features and options, automated web analysis saves webmasters time and energy
Cons: Primarily of use only for webmasters, some features can be confusing and counter-intuitive for new users

Version Reviewed: 1.1
Date of Review: 8/22/96

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 Topic 284 of 395 [apps]: InContext WebAnalyzer
 Response 1 of 3: Michael Weider  (mikew) * Mon, Aug 26, 1996 (08:47) * 4 lines 
For Web Masters looking for a better and cheaper alternative to Web
Analyzer, have a look at Linkbot by Tetranet Software. Linkbot can
be downloaded from Tetranet's site at:

 Topic 284 of 395 [apps]: InContext WebAnalyzer
 Response 2 of 3: don pare  (dpare) * Sun, Nov  1, 1998 (22:21) * 1 lines 
Given that this guy is the ceo of Tetranet - I believe his comments are totally unsuitable and do believe an appology- public - is do - for this cras commercialism and " putting down your competition " which is never done by professionals in the industry!!!

 Topic 284 of 395 [apps]: InContext WebAnalyzer
 Response 3 of 3: don pare  (dpare) * Mon, Nov  2, 1998 (01:40) * 5 lines 
HOWEVER, to be fair, the Linkbot product is truly excellent and very nicely priced -- an avid user..

don pare

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