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Topic 216 of 395: WS Gopher

Thu, Jul 25, 1996 (14:44) | Paul Terry Walhus (terry)
WS Gopher -- WS Gopher is the best gopher client available for
several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it appears to
be the only gopher client still being actively developed. Its
competitors haven't had updates in a year or two. In addition to
this, WS Gopher is a great application. One of its most useful
features is its seemingly comprehensive collection of bookmarks
and hot spots. If only every internet client contained such valuable
information. WS Gopher supports the Gopher+ protocol but lacks
support for firewalls. The only feature that needs improvement is
the toolbar -- its icons could definitely be more intuitive.

Pros: Very extensive bookmark collection; Gopher+ support; easy
to use; it's free, free, free
Cons: Toolbar is not very intuitive, gopher clients have largely been
superceded by web browsers
New: Native 32-bit version released, revised interface, more

Version Reviewed: 16-bit - 1.2. 32-bit - 2.0 Beta 1
Date of Review: 7/15/96 Reviewer: Forrest Stroud

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