The Justice Conference will focus on topics of criminal justice. Sample top ics could be Death Penalty v. Life, rehabilitation v. punishment, juvenile justice, women in prison, ethnic makeup of jails and prisons. Also could talk about serial killers, famous prisoners now in prison, current prison cases, laws, crime, statistics, studies, etc.. It could go into Native American law, white collar crime v. blue collar, constitutional law. My plan for getting conversation going, is to talk to friends of mine to signing up, also, since I am new, I havent participated in any conversat ions yet. Through those conversations, I could steer people to the Justice conference.

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    1    21 Introductions (terry)
    2     6 'Hypocrisy' an essay by Timothy McVeigh (KitchenManager)
    3    77 Media Bypass - The Uncensored National News (KitchenManager)
    4     6 Let's talk to a prisoner (terry)
    5    73 Critical Analysis of the System of Justice (moulton)
    6     1 juvenile injustice within the az. systema (bonnieslaw2000)

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