Friday, August 05, 2005

Windsor Tribune - Windsor man spots Lance Armstrong

Windsor Colorado Tribune -
Windsor man spots Lance Armstrong

Windsor man spots Lance Armstrong
Posted on Friday, August 05 @ 08:03:07 PDT
The lights were out in Windsor, but Zach Mitchell knows whom he saw — the greatest cyclist in Tour de France history.

Mitchell, 21, a 2001 Windsor High School graduate, said he’s not crazy. Mitchell said he is 90 percent sure that the man he saw riding a bicycle in the rain at 9:30 a.m. Thursday was none other than Lance Armstrong.

Mitchell said the man looked just like Armstrong, the winner of seven straight Tour de France races.

“He looked right at me,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said the man he thinks was Armstrong had no body fat, was wearing a yellow jersey (not that yellow jersey, though) and spiffy Nike cyclist shoes and gave the thumbs up to the curious people in the five vehicles who slowed down to gawk.


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