Thursday, May 12, 2005

Spring in to these podcasts Podcasts

  • Tuesday 5/19/2005 - Lance Armstrong does a question and answer session with fans at the opening of his new sports club in Austin, Texas. Lance is training for his bid to win an unprecedented seventh straight win in the Tour de France which runs July 2 - July 24.  The Tour of Texas is sponsoring a "Tour Watch 2005" viewing party in Austin throughout this year's Tour.  See the video of this event at the Tour of Texas site. Podcasts with the Podcast Alley top 50

  • Tuesday 5/17/2005 - Fausto Fernos, Former Austinite now in Chicago, has the fabulous Feast of Fools podcast.  Listen in on the ridiculous world of Chicago's Gay iconoclasts! This is NOT Will and Grace, but an laid back, insane look at topical news, humor, satire, music and more. Hosted by Fausto Fernos with guests: boyfriend Marc Felion, shock jock Sukie DelaCroix, Yeast Radio's Madge Weinstein, and more savory nuts for you to enjoy. Podcast Alley Number 19
  • Monday 5/16/2005 Kristopher Smith and Betsy of talk about their end of the cul de sac suburban family life in Illinois.  It's the geek and the funny girl, it's like listening to NPR Very soothing and comforting.  Podcast Alley Number 25.
  • Sunday 5/15/2005 Caleb of Area 51 talks about, giving a voice to the voiceless and choice for the choiceless. This laid back St. Pete FL guy waxes on some of the great podcasts (including both of his). A new cast comes out every Thursday night at midnight. Podcast Alley Number 23
  • Saturday 5/14/2005 Adam Vargas discusses the Daily Sonic, a hipclectic, very NPRlike podcast which is like an amped up version of Morning Edition. Surprising, it dwells down near the bottom of the list at Podcast Alley but it's a real gem. Podcast Alley number 37.
  • Friday 5/13/2005 - Geoffrey Kleinman of  is at number 27 on Podcast Alley.  DVD Talk Radio features: talk about DVDs, DVD reviews, news and columns - plus interviews with actors, producers and directors. It's our first actual telephone interview (not skype)
  • Wednesday 5/11/2005 Scott Sigler is the author of Earthcore, the world's first podcast novel.  His podcast has risen to number 4 at Podcast Alley.  He talks about the behind the scenes at his locale atop a hill in San Francisco, where is building a large following (4,000 listeners going to 10,000) and contemplating some future science/horror thrillers via print and podcast.
  • Tuesday 5/10/2005 Michael Butler, the Rock and Roll Geek, talks about podcasting, his band, the indy music scene, the Adam Curry Sirius satellite venture and waxes optimistic for the "middle tier" of podcasters who may be worried about these developments. He's number 26 in the rankings at Podcast Alley.  And he bails out the novice podcaster by recording the second half of the show. The first half is here!
  • Monday 5/9/2005 Ian Bernard of talks about podcasting.  Ian is number one on Podcast Alley! His podcasts are beamed up to C Band Satellite Galaxy 13 From there they get syndicated on radio stations all around the country.  Dedicated, moving and shaking, watch out!
  • Sunday 5/8/2005 Gene Fitzpatrick of  talks legends, ghost stories, folklore in every town and in your town He and Brian Minogue talk about everything from the origins of chicken fried steak to the servant girl killer of late 1800s Austin.  Podcast Alley number 34.
  • Friday 5/6/2005 - Adam Christianson of (Podcast Alley top ten) talks about podcasting strategy and the Tech Podcast Network. Number 11 on Podcast Alley but climbing fast.

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